Goran Visnjic: All I ever wanted to do was act. Acting is my job.

Against Animal Cruelty

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Those who follow the work of Goran Visnjic probably know how big of an animal lover he truly is. This Croatian-born actor has been living in America for almost twenty years, and besides his busy schedule of a Hollywood actor, he somehow manages to find the time and regularly visit the animal shelter in Croatia. Together with his wife, he is constantly fighting against animal cruelty and for animal rights, and every time he goes to Dubrovnik, he ensures to communicate with the city mayor and point out the biggest the problems and issues related to this shelters, so that hopefully they can come up with a solution for the animals. Apart from being known as the best known Croatian actors of all time, enjoying worldwide fame thanks to his role as Dr. Luka Kovac on the famous NBC television series ER, Goran Visnjic has also attracted media attention as a representative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare and an Animal Friends Croatia, as well as providing assistance to a number of small animal-rescue organizations in California.

Goran Visnjic and Sharon Osbourne on The Talk

Through his donation of both money and equipment, this famous actor has helped many campaigns in their fight to raise awareness and enable the protection of animals. Celebrity people like Goran, who is an active ambassador for IFAW (International Foundation for Animal Welfare), have the power to spread the message and use their voice as a platform for making a real change in the world.  When Visnjic joined with PETA, the result was PETA’s first anti-fur campaign in Eastern Europe. As a person, he believes that animal protection is an issue that crosses all political and social boundaries, and because animals are innocent and can’t protect themselves, it is our duty to help and protect them, and instead we’re only destroying them.

Goran Visnjic and Sharon Osbourne were able to spread the message about fur-industry cruelty and helped to ban fur farming in Croatia. Both of them have been applauded for their efforts, and for contributing to raising public awareness. Joining a long list of stars, he also became an ambassador for one of the largest animal welfare and conservation charities in the world, The International Fund for Animal Welfare, whose main aim to protect the world’s elephants.

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