Goran Visnjic: All I ever wanted to do was act. Acting is my job.

Garcia Flynn played by Goran Visnjic

TV Series 0 16

When it comes to television roles, the profile of the hero has changed over the years. Series are now dominated by character actors’ with relatively unattractive appearance, which is sort of a problem for the handsome Goran Visnjic. As soon as some interesting engagement comes up, his attractive physique gets in the way.

Recently he played the self-denying husband in the series ‘Extant’, but he realized that hardly anyone notices him because of the main star Halle Berry, and his character was killed at the beginning of the second season. Goran Visnjic left a much better impression in the series ‘Red Widow’, where he played a handsome mobster, Nicholai Schiller, where he proved his knowledge of the martial arts. Here he played a character that is far from a romantic good guy, and the audience still found him to be quite intriguing. The series, unfortunately, lasted for only one season.

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