Goran Visnjic: All I ever wanted to do was act. Acting is my job.

Goran Visnjic Speaks about his Work on Crossing Lines

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Appearing in more than 180 episodes in the 90’s long-running medical drama hit ER as the dashing Dr. Luka Kovac made Goran Visnjic a household name, bringing him fame and recognition. Ever since he was a child, he has been watching action shows, but since he ended up playing a doctor for nearly eight years, he never got the opportunity to do something like that. In 2015, after his departure from “Extant“, Visnjic finally got his chance, swapping his scalpel for a gun in the third season of the action/crime drama “Crossing Lines”. That’s why he found it tremendously interesting to see, and even better, to be a part of such project. After it was announced that William Fichtner, the original Crossing Lines star will not be returning for season three, Goran Visnjic and fellow actress Elizabeth Mitchell joined the series lead actor Donald Sutherland in the Europe-set action/crime series by Tandem Communications.

Goran Visnjic (aka Marco Constante) in Crossing Lines, Season 3

Most of the actor’s fans that were accustomed to seeing him as the dashing Dr. Luka were at least surprised, if not shocked by this transition. However, as Visnjic reveals, in order to prepare himself for such a role, he did a lot of research about being a police officer, and got to do a lot of fun stuff like joining the special police forces in search operations and learning how to search through a place properly, so that he can look like he knows what he is doing, and not simply improvising.  Crossing Lines is a German-French-Italian-American television series premiered in 2013, and the third season began on September 15, 2015.  In the U.S., the first season of Crossing Lines aired on NBC, the second season was brought back by Netflix, and most likely they will continue to air season three.

Unlike the previous ones, the third season mostly focusses on relevant and contemporary cross-border crimes. Season 3 is produced in association with Sony Pictures Television Networks and Germany’s SAT.1. Playing the role of Marco Costante, a police inspector from Milan, Visnjic appears as one of the main characters in the third season as the story revolves around a squad of European law enforcement officers led by him. Starring alongside movie legend Donald Sutherland, Hollywood actors Goran Visnjic and Elizabeth Mitchell brought a new level of excitement and adventure in the third season of the series.

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