Goran Visnjic: All I ever wanted to do was act. Acting is my job.

…The Journey Home

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Famous actor Goran Visnjic, star of the smash TV series ER, one of the main characters on the international action-crime series Crossing Lines, Halle Berry’s husband in Steven Spielberg’s futuristic thriller Extant, appears in Red Widow, NBC’s time-travel adventure drama Timeless, and a long list of movies such as Rounders, Committed, Ice Age and the family adventure film The Journey Home. The story of this spectacular film revolves around friendship, trust, communicating with your kids and believing in them. As a parent himself, Goran has been in situations when he knows that they are doing something wrong, and through experience, he has learned that sometimes the best thing is to think about it twice and try to see it from a different angle. This way instead of just telling them not to do things, maybe you can even help them. Basically, the movie is about relationships, trust between people, and most importantly, and trust between parents and children. Filming this project allowed him to learn a lot of new things, and later on use them to connect with his children. After all, it is never too late to learn something new, even if it comes from our children.

Goran Visnjic on a snowmobile

Packed with adventure and nature themes, The Journey Home is an excellent film for the entire family that shows well under the guidance of a parent. Filmed in the Canadian wilderness, the movie has some pretty spectacular scenery, although filming it was very tricky, but fortunately the directors were up to the task as they guided their directors of photography across the ice and water of the cold Canadian north. Visnjic, who is originally from Croatia, said that this was not only his first family adventure films, but it was also the first time to go so far north, just below the Arctic Circle. Experiencing things that you probably wouldn’t be able to in real life is one of the things that he loves most about his job.

Shooting The Journey Home was a mix of pleasure and work for Goran Visnjic, as he truly enjoyed driving around on snowmobiles or having the opportunity to work with a bear cub.  Filming projects on different locations are some of the greatest perks of his job, and once you start going to real places and working with people who live there, you eventually start to embrace the differences that make us all beautiful, and unique.

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