Goran Visnjic: All I ever wanted to do was act. Acting is my job.

Visnjic Shares Photos from his Vacation

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Goran Visnjic’s friends and followers were delighted with his underwater adventure. The actor dived into the Pacific Ocean while staying in the second-largest Hawaiian island Maui.

– I bet it’s pretty relaxing to be under the surface, surrounded by various sea creatures. No worries, no stress, nothing – wrote one of his friends.

Goran Visnjic, the famous Croatian-American actor, returned to the US after he finished filming the ‘General’, a feature film and TV series about the life of Croatian general Ante Gotovina.

However, before moving on to his next project, Visnjic decided to treat himself with an unforgettable trip to Hawaii, and recharge his batteries. The actor is currently vacationing there, preparing himself for new work victories.

After that, Goran Visnjic is traveling back home, as he is supposed to start shooting the second season of the time drama series ‘Timeless‘. Even though Visnjic plays the series villain Garcia Flynn, he still prefers to call his character the “antagonist”. He is not saying he’s not a bad guy, he is just saying he is a mystery.

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