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Visnjic Will Return To Timeless

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Fans of the NBC series “Timeless” were more than delighted when after the initial news about the series cancellation, the network revealed that there would be a second season. Withdrawing its first announcement caused quite a stir. In a press interview, the chairman of NBC network explained that the main reason why they decided to give “Timeless” another chance was that of the fans’ requests. Even though compared to some of the networks’ other offerings, the show’s ratings were not that high, “Timeless” managed to gather a strong fan base in its first season of airing.

It isn’t cheap to pull off a successful show. In fact, the most popular TV series produced are often the most expensive. One of the things that made NBC initially move “Timeless” of the air was the series production costs. Time travel films and series tend to be costly in general because of all those different costumes and sets which portray different eras. So was the case with “Timeless”. Still, the team had to work on a TV budget, which isn’t as nearly large as it usually is for films.

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